Dance wings for little girl

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Hand painted silk isis wings for 6 -10 year old girl. Unique handmade wings, made to order.
You can choose everything.
You can choose another butterfly design.
The color can be steady, can be shaded, ombre, gradient from lighter to darker. May be different color combinations, patterns, may be with gold or silver liner pencil.
You can send me pictures of your “inspiration”, and together we will determine the details.
You can send me pictures of butterflies that you like, and I will paint you these.

I will paint and saw the wings exactly for you.

High quality and large size for little girl.
Wings made of 100 % silk habotai 8m/m, fabric ideal for dancing.
The lenght from neck to ground of one wing is about 34″-40″ ( 85- 100cm) ( for smaller children) or 42″-50″ (100 -120 cm) ( for bigger children). Both wings span is about 80″-90″ (2 meters). Dimensions tailored to the child’s growth.
The length of the wing from the neck I adjust to girl height. In the wing is a tunnel to insert the sticks. Wings are without sticks, you need to buy the sticks.
The wings are connected with each other and are fastened at the neck.

These wings are sold.