Fire bird fan veils.

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One pair of fan veils with fire bird pattern.

Patterns without UV paint.

On photos are fan veils in two sizes:
– 35″ x 71″/90 cm x 180 cm – fire fan veils.

-35″ × 47″/90cm ×120cm (last picture)

Veils made of 8 m/m silk habotai.

If you want to order a different colors, different size, let me know. I will paint and saw the veils exactly for you.


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    Jere Luttner

    Beautifully handcrafted! I purchased the longest fan; my only regret is that I would have preferred a shorter length; since this fabric is slightly heavier, it doesn’t flow like lighter weight silk. However, I modified my routine to accommodate the flow, and I actually like it better. The artist, Dora. Informed me a slight delivery delay, which was appreciated, but it didn’t affect my schedule. I have had numerous complements on my fans.

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    Kari Watson

    They are so beautiful I love the colors, I love the flow of them, 😍 I just love them so much!!! They are stunning and look amazing in black lights.

  3. Avatar

    Savanna Hendrix

    Super great quality and love the gifts it came with ❤️ 10/10

  4. Avatar

    Jere Luttner

    Beautifully crafted and very well made. Colors and craftsmanship are spectacular.

  5. Avatar


    The best!

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