Rectangular hand painted silk veil

shipping in 4 - 6 weeks


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Rectangular hand painted silk dance veil.
The length is about 110 inches (about 280cm), the width is 55 inches (142 cm). – ivory veil with turquoise flowers.

Or 95inch (240cm) x 45inch (115cm) fire flames veil.

The veils are HAND PAINTED – not printed, not dyed.

Unique handmade veil, made to order.

You can choose everything.

You can choose another butterfly design.

The color can be steady, can be shaded, ombre, gradient from lighter to darker. May be different color combinations, patterns, may be with gold or silver liner pencil.

You can send me pictures of your “inspiration”, and together we will determine the details.

I will paint veil exactly for you.